Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Calorie Restriction Diet & IGF-1

What is IGF-1? IGF-1 is insulin-like growth factor. There is mounting evidence that high levels of IGF-1 contribute to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. What’s amazing is that levels of IGF-1 can be drastically reduced by adopting a diet that includes an element of fasting such as the alternate day fasting diet, as well as limiting protein intake as high protein intake has been shown to increase levels of IGF-1. This can not only drastically reduce your risk factors for these diseases but it can slow the aging process altogether.

Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer is a fantastic presentation on BBC, presented by Michael Mosely, that explains the connection between fasting, IGF-1, and reducing risks for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. In the show, Michael Mosley cut his levels of IGF-1 almost in half after a 4 day fast.

Read how mounting evidence has shown fasting to slow the aging process in monkeys.

Be sure to consult with your physician before undertaking any fasting regime as there can be health risks. This is a very interesting area of research and I’ll be updating the latest information here on so be sure to check back often for the latest news!


How to remove seeds from a Papaya

Here’s a short 20 second clip showing how to remove the seeds from a Papaya.

Here’s a great video I found that discusses Papaya seeds for parasite removal

How to Prepare Papaya Seeds for a Parasite Cleanse

Carica Papaya Seeds have recently been identified in a randomized controlled study to have a dramatic effect against human intestinal parasitosis. The study was published in The Journal of Medicinal Food in March, 2007. In the study, an elixir of sun dried Carica Papaya Seeds and honey was fed to 30 children that were identified as having intestinal parasites. After 7 days, 23 of the 30 were cleared of parasites. You can search for the study abstract at for further reading.

Be sure to always consult with your physician if you suspect you may have intestinal worms but in the meantime, a healthy snack of dried Papaya Seeds with some honey may help you resolve your problem. It’s a great snack if you’re on a raw food diet or on a colon cleanse and Papaya seeds have been used as a parasite cleanse for decades.  Papaya Seeds can be hard to find in health food stores or even online. Luckily, the fruit produces a lot of seeds that are easily cleaned and dried for your use.

Preparing the Seeds

The seeds are contained in little juice sacks. A simple way to extract the actual black seed is to roll the juice sacks between two sheets of paper towel to pop them and expel the seeds.

There is inconsistent information about the most effective method to prepare and eat Papaya seeds and also regarding what quantity and frequency of ingestion is most efficient in expelling the parasites. Information really varies on these subjects. Some recommend eating the seeds whole, while others say the best benefit is to grind them. There is also a question of how long to dry them as well. The best thing to do is educate yourself by visiting the links below, watching the videos and searching for your own related information. Please come back and post your comments below if you have some helpful information to add about this great natural parasite treatment!

Here’s how it looked when I harvested and prepared the seeds for the first time. Click any of these images for a larger view. I started with what I’m pretty sure was a Mexican Papaya that I bought at the local grocery store. I think it’s a Mexican “Red” Papaya but it could be a Mexican “Yellow” Papaya.

Mexican Papaya

Mexican Papaya (Red I think)

After I washed it thouroughly (See recommendations by the FDA on wafe handling\washing of fruit & vegetables) I halved it

Papaya halved

Here are a cpuple of closer pics of the seeds that are encased in kind of a jelly like outer shell

Papaya half

Papaya Seeds - Close up

I extracted the seeds with a spoon and tried my best to remove all the small pieces of fruit so that I had mainly just seeds remaining

Papaya seeds "popped"

I then placed them on a paper plate between pieces of paper towels and rolled and mashed them to pop the seeds to get the black kernels out

Whole Papaya seeds on the plate

Here’s what the actual seeds look like once you pop them out of their shells

Papaya Seeds popped

And of course a by product is – Fresh Papaya!

Cut Papaya Fruit

I didn’t dry out the seeds like some information that I found had indicated to do. I just put them in my cuisinart and chopped them all up and then sprinkled it on food – It’s basically like pepper. I did try some straight as an experiment and it was kind of hot but not that bad. It really is very similar to regular black pepper in my opinion.